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Through our research affiliate we provide access to our public securities (stocks and bonds) research index on more than 1,000 US listed companies.  Click on logo for access, or reach out to us via our contact page for more information.


BRC Wealth Management (“BRC-WM”) is an experienced and focused Registered Investment Advisor with offices throughout North Carolina.
BRC Wealth Management is dedicated to growing capital, generating income, and protecting from unnecessary market risk.
We invest primarily in assets that are senior in the capital structure of a company, providing more consistent income returns and better risk control. We only use third-party custodians in order to maintain portfolio integrity. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we invest our personal capital alongside our clients – completely aligning our interests.


David founded McClure CPA which he successfully grew over a 30 year period helping high net worth individuals and business owners navigate the financial and accounting complexities in an increasing complicated tax environment.  After successfully merging his practice with Bernard Robinson & Company, David has now returned to a purely advisory role to his clients.


Davidson Capital Advisors, LLC specializes in advisory and financing services for small to middle market size companies in the General Industrial, Distribution, Business Services and Retail sectors offering M&A, capital solutions, and restructuring advisory services.

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